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An Entrepreneurial JourneyBio

An Entrepreneurial Journey

Transition from CFO to Founder and Business Owner

As business entrepreneur, John transitioned out of a CFO role in November 2018 to begin executing his business plan to launch a business advisory practice. A career goal, he knew that he needed to acquire various business experiences before striking out on his own in his early 40s.

Leveraging Business Experience

The 20 years of professional experience (30 years business experience) prior to launching Minnich enabled John to develop skills from several organizations learning business best practices.

John received several CFO and COO role invitations with various businesses yet respectfully declined to focus on launching Minnich.

Rejoining Higher Ed

Early 2019, Purdue University Fort Wayne invited John to participate in a national faculty search. John accepted the invitation with an initial appointment in August 2019 as visiting lecturer as business faculty in both (1) MBA graduate and (2) accounting departments with a plant to transition into a clinical lecturer role in August 2021. John also offers continuing professional education in the (3) continuing studies program at Purdue University Fort Wayne. John accepted the appointment to join Purdue University Fort Wayne, thus rejoining higher ed, knowing that he would have the opportunity and support to continue launching his business.

Self Launched

Without seeking outsourced support, John developed and implemented strategic marketing and sales, technology infrastructure including web development, accounting and finance, policies and procedures, insurance and permits, tax, and related business administration plans. Leaning in on his broad business acumen with deep financial expertise, he began researching including SWOT analysis opportunities client advisory services offer businesses. John established a proprietary approach including balanced scorecard key metrics, strategy pyramids and execution, and SWOT analysis for his clients similar to what he leverages for Minnich.

John began self-learning web development in August 2019 knowing the importance of an online professional presence to broaden his reach beyond Indiana. Today, John has designed several websites tailored to his clients in business and audiences in higher ed and continuing professional education programs with a global reach. John simultaneously designed websites and defined his brand and proprietary process leveraging his business experiences.

He also knew the importance of marketing and sales in addition to growing cultivated professional relations. Leveraging sales funnels, CRM, story branding, podcasts, webinars and videos, professional development sessions, blogs/articles, and positioning as a national speaker on client advisory services, John continues sustained business growth.

John Minnich, LLC dba Minnich

On March 4, 2020, John formalized John Minnich, LLC as a limited liability company establishing the assumed business name Minnich. In addition to his CPA licensure, his business also holds a CPA firm permit.

Oodles Complete Advisory Solution Affiliation

In November 2020, colleagues with Oodles Complete Advisory Solution approached John inviting him to advise and coach CPA firms on strategic planning and client advisory services. Supplemental to John’s business practice. John’s passions for leadership, management, and strategy aligned with Oodles. John has engaged with clients on forward-looking initiatives including the Complete Advisory Solution and how firms can best serve their clients through advisory services.

National Speaker

As a professional speaker, John has led professional development sessions for CFOs and CPAs since September 2014 as an Indiana CPA Society discussion leader. John joined National Speakers Association November 2019 as a professional speaker. After leading sessions for professionals across Indiana for a number of years, he became a national speaker on client advisory services in July 2021 through professional organizations including state CPA societies. In July 2021, John also began leading sessions for CEOs including as an invited expert insights guest for an REF Indiana CEO executive peer advisory board session on measuring and driving business performance.

Minnich Opens Business Office + Virtual

In March 2022, John opened a business office. He selected Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (NIIC) given its professional office suite and conference rooms as well as proximity to his office at Purdue University Fort Wayne. Though John launched and grew Minnich on his own, the professional office environment at NIIC provided a space to meet and collaborate with clients in-person while finalizing plans to launch a business advisory firm. Serving clients anywhere, John relocated his physical office from the NIIC to virtual in June 2023.

Business and Academia Alignment

Having successsfully launched Minnich, John finalized the alignment of his passions for business and academia, consolidating his professional office.

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